Mistress Ava Von Medisin’s International Femme-Domme Retreat

Exclusive events for Dominant Ladies

Global Goddesses, may I present My Annual Femme-Domme Retreat in Norfolk.

Harness hedonism instead of hardship and be pampered by your Slaves and Worshiped! 
Within the walls of a beautiful House, you can enjoy extravagance, glamour and Gorgeousness, if only for the weekend.

After this, your slaves will be begging for more and your world will seem a better place!

For the natural slave/submissive

You have always known that your place is to serve the superior female. You crave to be down on your knees,  a collar placed around your neck, owned and waiting for instruction.

Imagine a place where the whole residence was full of beautiful, strong dominant ladies. Clicking their fingers for attention, using your back as a footstool or your mouth as an ashtray!! Your servitude for their amusement...


The Femme-Domme Retreats are strictly high protocol and high etiquette events. These are only reserved for those who are a recognised Female Dominant and are served by a dedicated and loyal submissive serving to high standards and respects the Female Supremacy principals.

Femme-Domme Retreats are not a fetish event or a Multi Mistress Party.​​​​​​​

A Retreat is an exclusive event which currently only happens once each year.

Already there are a number of international Dominatrices who have secured their places.

If you are a Mistress, lifestyle or professional and you have a worthy slave that serves you well, he or she can sponsor and secure your place. This will allow one slave to serve your every wish if you choose their attendance. 

If you are a slave and serve a Mistress this is the perfect opportunity to show your affection.

Treat the Ladies to the fine things they deserve here;  

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